Create a table with the programs

The program budget format (with about names of 4 to 5 programs) has the agency’s programs (e.g., capital grants, personnel saleries, training grants, research, etc.) in budget dollar amounts in a table plus additional columns for:
the past year (PY) amounts,
the current year (CY) amounts,
the recommended amounts for the budget year (BY), and
the difference between the BY – CY.
In addition, for each change from current year to the budget year amounts, a brief (two or three sentences) written justification for the amounts in the BY – CY column is required. See an example in Exhibit 1-2 on page 4 of your text book.
Create a table with the programs in the first column. The other columns are PY, CY, BY, and BY-CY. Then you will need to write two or three sentences justifying the change amounts in the BY-CY column.

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