Write down a set of operational definitions for a Research Query of your choice

Learning Goal: I’m working on a humanities project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.human behavior architecture operational definitions for a Research QueryWrite down a set of operational definitions for a Research Query of your choice (one that can be investigated using social survey methods).Your definitions should include the following:1- A clear unambiguous statement of your exact query2- A clear definition of the population of interest3- A clear definition of your unit of analysis4- A logically sound definition and analysis of your research variables, writing down your hypothesis and identifying your dependent variables in case of explanatory research5- A precise description of the attributes to be tested for those variables, how exactly they will be measured, and the type of measure they fall under.-Research query: -====– how MANY employment architecture would normally share like spent his free time learning new skills design in our Architectural Office i?-population of interest: —unit of analysis: —Definitions: -questionnaire Questions aims using social survey methods for main Research query , .Q1 – ?————————————–Q2 –1-2-3-4Q3 –1-2-3-4Q4 –1-2-3-4…Q15 –

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