Write an essay in which you 1) explain Locke’s view of personal identity

You can choose from topic 1 or 2
1. John Locke says that personal identity is determined by sameness of consciousness over time. Write an essay in which you 1) explain Locke’s view of personal identity, 2) raise a potential objection to Locke’s view, and then 3) give the best response to the objection that you can think of on Locke’s behalf. You may choose to discuss Reid’s objection to Locke’s view, or you may choose to raise a counter-example to Locke’s view.
2. Arne Naess claims that “Human nature is such that, with sufficient comprehensive maturity, we cannot help but “identify” our self with all living beings: beautiful or ugly, big or small, sentient or not.” (Naess 515) In support of this claim he tells a story about a time when he “saw himself” in another creature; in this case, a dying flea. Write a paper in which you 1) explain Naess’s view on identification and its importance to self-realization, 2) explain an objection to Naess’s claim that identifying with a being like a flea is possible and worthwhile, and 3) give the best response to the objection that you can think of, on Naess’s behalf. Note: You’ll want to focus on specific examples such as the examples from class of the snails, the pit bull, and the flea.
State the question you are addressing and your own position in response to the question
explicitly, in the very first paragraph of your paper. Also in the first paragraph of your paper, give the reader some sort of heads up about what your position is based on, as in “I am going to argue X because Y.” This material should ideally come straight out of your prewriting exercise.
In the body of your paper, support your position by explaining the reasons behind it (the ‘Y’ that supports the ‘X’).
If you aren’t sure what a word means, don’t use it – use a word you know. Be simple in your writing.
Use the first person and write so as to share your view and the reasons why you hold it with your reader. Say, “I think…” and tell the reader what your view is, and why you think it.
Use an easy-to-read, reasonably sized font.
When you quote from a text, you should cite properly according to whichever style guide you are most comfortable with (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.). (Philosophy doesn’t have a standard disciplinary style guide, so just go with what you know.) For help with citation formatting, see

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