write a rebuttal to this opposing argument trying to prove it wrong.

Making a Visual Argument: Humor Online (594-596)
Jennifer Liu “What Happens When Toxic Office Behavior Moves Online While Working from Home” (597-603)
The Gains and Risks of Internet Behavior
Reading Questions for Online Humor and Liu due by Wednesday, 4/20
Classical Essay Outline due by Saturday, 4/23
In thinking about the classical argument essay, we need to think about how we feel about an issue and what our stance or position is about it. Then we need to find quotes or visual evidence that support our position. The classical argument also allows for the opposition’s argument to be heard and developed in the same way. We will then write a rebuttal to this opposing argument trying to prove it wrong.
Let’s see how we can pair up essays from Chapter 24 to create different argument topics:
Liu and Boyd could be used to talk about the toxicity of the internet. Liu talks about the negative work environment created by working from home during COVID, and Boyd discusses the way hacking has given rise to trolling, manipulation, harassment/hate speech, etc.
Heath, Raja Ravi Varma Memes/Nicole Tersigni, and Boyd (beginning of essay) talk about the positive or humorous aspects found on the internet and how it helps to bolster creativity.
Douthat focuses on theses related to cancel culture–we can use Boyd to help substantiate the rise in cancel culture with her discussion of where hacking is today and how it has influenced fake news and the rise of political hate groups.
Liu and Lake/Makori use COVID as a constant to talk about how it has negatively impacted our ability to communicate and learn.
Heath and Boyd (beginning of essay) discuss how the internet sparks creativity and focus in ones work

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