why is it a problem?

Although this is to be completed as a multimedia presentation, you will still need to show a strong use of the Rogerian structure and argument. Ensure this is a Rogerian approach and not an informative speech or a Toulmin argument.
For this project, you’re not trying to take a stance and prove your stance, rather you’re trying to solve a problem within your field of study (or workplace or home or wherever). Focus on what problems need to be resolved. Explore the proposed solutions from various viewpoints. Propose the “best” solution by establishing a common ground for all stakeholders. Much of the challenge with this project is that you must demonstrate you’ve analyzed multiple solutions from multiple perspectives and found a solution that is (cleverly) based on the common ground of those perspectives
Introduce key issues of this problem—why is it a problem? Why has the problem not been resolved already?
Consider key limitations and barriers to solving the problem.
Address key voices within the conversation—what has been proposed so far? Why have those proposals not been implemented?
Address the commonalities of the viewpoints on how to resolve the problem while also addressing the key differences.
Offer your opinion or impression of the proposed resolutions based on close analysis.
Tempt your audience through common ground to consider the solution you’re proposing.

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