“Why do you think that the author says x?”

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing discussion question and need support to help me learn.- Schwegler & Shamoon’s “The Aims and Process of a Research Paper”ActionsAs you read, please take notes either in your book or in a separate document. I have this Reading Organization Chartif you would like to use it. You can make any modifications that you need to it — but I HIGHLY recommend you take notes.After you read, please do the following: Due Wednesday: Initial Post Write a 250-word post (don’t go over 300 words) that discusses your feelings about writing a research paper. Have you ever written a research paper before? When Schwegler & Shamoon talk about writing a research paper, they talk about having an opinion and analyzing the research. What does that mean for you? What skills do you want to take with you from the Rhetorical Analysis and Synthesis papers that you think will be helpful for you with this upcoming Research Paper?At the end of your post, please write the number of words in your post (Example: Word count: 257) and please ask an open-ended question for other students to respond to about this reading, or about your thoughts on the reading. What is an open-ended question? Open-ended questions ask people to provide answers in their own words and are designed to elicit more information than is possible in a multiple choice or other closed-ended format. They cannot be answered with one word. Some tips or starters for open-ended questions:Start with “why” or “what” or “how”Ask for someone’s thoughts on somethingUse a request like “Tell me about…” to see if others connect with your experienceAvoid broad or two-part questionsAn example could be, “Why do you think that the author says x?” or “How do you feel about what the author says with x?”Due Sunday: Response Please read the post and question of one classmate. Then, answer their question in about 50 words (no more needed).

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