What is required of an effective leader?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management project and need support to help me learn.NOTE 1: FIRSTLY, LET´S BE CLEAR ON THE FACT THAT YOU WILL NEED INFORMATION ABOUT ME IN ORDER TO SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE THIS LITTLE PROJECT. I WILL BE AVAILABLE 24/7 TO PROVIDE YOU WITH ALL THAT INFO YOU WILL NEED. ALSO, I GIVE YOU FULL FREEDOM TO USE YOUR CREATIVITY AND MAKE UP STUFF AT ANY POINT, AS LONG AS IT IS NOT SOME FIXED INFO ABOUT ME, PLACES I GO, THINGS I DO, ETC. NOTE 2: SECONDLY, YOU HAVE 2 FULL WEEKS TO WORK ON THIS, BUT I NEED A FIRST DRAFT DONE BY WEDNESDAY (TOMORROW), SO YOU HAVE A BIT MORE THAN A FULL DAY FOR THAT. Leadership Development Plan Instructions for Leadership Development Plan Purpose The goal of this assignment is to provide a forum for you to integrate what you have learned about yourself and about effective leadership. Using this information, you will create a leadership development plan that will help you further develop your leadership capabilities. This assignment is part research paper and part opinion paper. It’s important to know the difference. Part 1, described below, should reflect research, both from the assigned texts and readings, but also additional research you conduct on your own to support your thoughts on leadership effectiveness. In Part 2 you will summarize your assessments and other lessons you’ve learned from the class. Still, include citations where appropriate to support your conclusions and assumptions about how to apply what you’ve learned about yourself. Part 1 – What is effective leadership? Develop a general model of effective leadership. Throughout the course, we have discussed many aspects of effective leadership. You have had many other opportunities to learn about effective leadership. In this section of the LDP, integrate this information to create a model of the essential elements of effective leadership. What is required of an effective leader? What behaviors must effective leaders exhibit? If you were asked to present a lecture to your colleagues about effective leadership, what would you say? The model of effective leadership may be presented graphically or as a list of components of effective leadership. Additionally, you should provide a brief description and some justification for each component, using appropriate citations to support your assumptions and conclusions about leadership. Use at least two academic sources beyond the textbooks to support your position. Part 2 – What have you learned about yourself? Throughout the course of the semester, you have had the opportunity to learn more about yourself as a leader. Through personal reflection, exercises, self-assessments, and feedback from peers, you have explored your life goals, your values, your unique strengths, and your leadership tendencies. You must incorporate at least 3 of the assessments used in class (either assigned from the text or supplemental) In this section of the paper, summarize what you have learned about yourself from reflection, peer evaluations, exercises, self-assessments, and class activities. You should include detailed summaries of class exercises and self-assessments as appendices to the LDP. However, in this section, you should summarize this information and answer the question what have you learned about yourself? Part 3 – What are your leadership development goals? Given what you have learned about effective leadership and about yourself, what should you do over the next three years to become the best leader you can be? Identify three specific development goals. You may set a goal that allows to you capitalize on your strengths. Or you may set a goal to further develop an effective leadership behavior that you do not yet exhibit fully. For each of your goals, complete a leadership development table. In this table, you will include: Development Objective: This is a statement of a specific objective that you would like to achieve. Your development objectives may include goals that will allow you to fully utilize your strengths or goals that will enable you to develop a behavior that you do not yet exhibit fully. Development Activities: This is the identification of specific activities that you will participate in that will target the objective you identified as a development objective. Activities may include reading assignments, behavioral exercises, community involvement, seminars or skill workshops, potential job assignments, or business school programs. Resources/Support: In this section, note what material resources and people you may need to utilize to participate in the designated development activities. Time Line: Record specific dates and times of formal activities as well as the anticipated time needed to accomplish informal activities and your overall objective. Potential Obstacles: List any potential barriers to the accomplishment of your developmental activities. Barriers may include your current traits, habits, and styles as well as lack of support, time, and resources. Evidence of Progress: Define specific standards that you can utilize to assess your performance. This section will consist only of the leadership development tables. You are not required to write paragraphs about the goals, but your table should include complete descriptions of each of the required elements. Estimated Length The body of the paper, excluding appendices, should be approximately 7-10 double-spaced pages in length. This will require you to be both thorough and concise. Rubric Leadership Development Paper Rubric Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeClarity, Organization, & ProfessionalismClear writing style, logical flow of writing, use of headings and subheadings where appropriate, clear transitions between sections of paper, title page and table of contents, numbered pages. 25 pts Full Marks 0 pts No Marks 25 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThoroughnessComplete coverage of all required elements – see outline above. Although you should be concise, you must also thoroughly discuss each of the required components. 25 pts Full Marks 0 pts No Marks 25 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeQualityCare and critical thought put into the leadership model and analysis of feedback (i.e., drawing out implications); creativity in your development goals; clear description of development plans. Your LDP should not just recount material from class or your exercises, but should represent a critical analysis of this material. 50 pts Full Marks 0 pts No Marks 50 pts Total Points: 100

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