What is our biggest threat, our major hope, and our greatest uncertainty?”

Topic for Paper 2. An Op-Ed.
You are asked to write an 1,300-word opinion column for a national media outlet, which can be a national paper, a site, a blog, or a network. The subject, of the paper should be related to international politics and the subject is: “The World in 2022: What is our biggest threat, our major hope, and our greatest uncertainty?”
An op-ed (or “opposite the editorial page”) is usually written by an expert not affiliated with the source’s editorial board or ownership. Op-eds are typically commissioned by editors, but they can be unsolicited. They are expected to be short, engaging, and written for non-professionals (in other words, you do not write about calibrating thermostats for industrial refrigerators or about excessive fees for translating documents for the extradition hearings before the European Court of Justice).
As your first step, choose a specific source for your essay. For example, you can pick The Hill, NPR, The Washington Examiner, Politico, The New York Times, Fox News, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, or anything else. Name your choice.
In your op-ed, you can be openly partisan and willingly ideological. You can be bipartisan or remain politically unaffiliated. Feel free to choose or not to identify your political affiliation or ideological position. Remember, the subject is already decided on by the editor: “The World in 2022: What is our biggest threat, our major hope, and our greatest uncertainty?” But you may modify the title slightly.
Make a brief introduction to your op-ed to capture the reader’s interest. Usually, this could be a short historic example, a quote, or a narrative of an event. (1 point)
Describe the biggest threat in 2022. What should be done to address this threat? (1 point). Describe the major hope in 2022. What should be done for it to come true? (1 point).
Describe the greatest uncertainty in 2022. How should the world cope with this uncertainty? (1 point).
In the end, make a conclusion, which is not a summary but rather a final statement. It ought to be engaging and rather informal. This is not a bad idea to refer to your opening statement. Remember, you express your personal opinion in the column and there is no need for “political correctness” or self-censorship. (1 point).

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