What category of victim is Mary? Why?

You are a police officer and were dispatched to the residence of Frank and Mary. This was the fourth time this year that you are heading to this address and dispatch stated that it is the seventh time that the police have been called there by the neighbors because of the fighting. When you got there, Officer St. Onge was just pulling up and you knocked and both entered the home. Inside you find a familiar scene: Frank had come home, drunk, and beaten Mary. Her eight year old son has gone to his room and refuses to come out. Mary had the start of a black eye and was holding her side. There were also red marks on her arm from where she apparently had been grabbed. Officer St. Onge arrested Frank and left the home with him in handcuffs. Mary refused to make a statement, press charges, seek counselling, or go to the hospital; the same as every other time. But, it is a slow night and you realize that the only counselling that Mary may ever get is what you give her right now. You know from prior talks that Frank is the breadwinner and has convinced Mary that she is worthless and could never make it on her own. She has told you that she won’t press charges because she feels she is at fault for the arguments, because she doesn’t live up to the standards Frank has set.
In a 3 to 5-page analytical essay, respond to the following:
Based on what Mary has told you, what type of domestic abuser do you think Frank is? Why?
What category of victim is Mary? Why?
Is her son also a victim? Why or why not?
Mary has a question about whether her son could be at risk for substance abuse. Is there evidence that states domestic abuse traits can be inherited through DNA? Would testing be helpful in predicting his future actions? Why or why not?
Because of the rapport you have developed with Mary resulting from your responses to the residence, she agrees to talk to you. What are some techniques you will use to get her to open up with her feelings and hopefully help her to see that she has options?
Assuming that she agreed to leave Frank and seek help for her and her son, what domestic violence victim resources would be available to Mary in your community (this will require research). Provide details of at least three options for Mary and explain which one you feel is best and why.

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