What are your next steps and career goals for next five years?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management question and need guidance to help me learn.Context: The department of Recreation and Tourism Management (RTM) has among its published student learning outcomes (SLOs) the goal of each student maintain a professional portfolio. Each core required course in the RTM major requires a signature portfolio assignment that captures key professional competencies which students have experienced during the course. Purpose: The professional portfolio is intended to be used for the following purposes:1) Progressive and cumulative reflection of student academic growth across the curriculum, including integration of core, elective and general education learning;2) Tangible evidence of knowledge, abilities and skills that have prepared students for internships or entry-level supervisorial/managerial (training) responsibilities3) Possible use during interviews, academic advising, review with career professionals, etc.Minimum Expectations: Each portfolio reflects the ability of the RTM department to achieve its educational and professional objectives. The portfolios demonstrate evidence of student learning over time, and the ability of the students and professors to provide evidence of high quality academic and professional preparation. Each student, however, is viewed as a unique product and resource for the program, and as such is encouraged to personalize the portfolio in ways that exceed minimum expectations and industry standards. Naturally, all work is typed, follows APA (as relevant) and adheres to relevant professional competencies based on student’s career goals. There are 4 categories for this Portfolio: Organization/Presentation (20%), Content (30%), Reflection on Learning (40%), and Resume/Philosophy (10%). Table of contents
Resume (Career Goal)
Professional and Personal Philosophy
Course outline and syllabi for each core course; Core courses are mandatory and other courses are optional (based on your career focus).
Present key assignment for each course as indicated on syllabus/course outline (Quality of core content)
Summative reflection of learning in each core course (9 core courses: 1 or 2 pages (word limits-300) for each course), (e.g., mastery of course learning outcomes as stated on the course outline/syllabus). Evidence provided may include photos, papers, projects, etc. Do not include grade work, but cleaned up versions of papers and projects reflecting incorporation of professor’s feedback. -Identify course description(from University catalog) and key assignments in this section.
Demonstrates your learning experience (This is not your feedback time for your instructor). What specific skills did you learn from the course?
Why are the skills important to you?
Address how to apply the skills in your career or internship.
Volunteer or paid work experiences that complement that course learning outcomes.
Overall summary of your entire academic “journey” in the major ( No more than 4 pages; Word limits -1000 words): This is a typed narrative that reflects everything you have learned and is based on review of each course short reflections.Should address RTM SLOs and integrate them in your overall summary.
What are your next steps and career goals for next five years?
How has the department helped you be more self-confident and prepared to tackle professional work assignments???

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