What are the current limitations on Freedom of Speech on social media platforms

Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.part oneMedia Law1. Share with the class one area of Media Law you find interesting. Tell us what the area is and why it is interesting to you. 100 -200 words2. Share a current controversy regarding any area of Media Law. 1 paragraph (approximately 5 sentences)3. What are the current limitations on Freedom of Speech on social media platforms (pick a platform and discuss their policies). Do you agree or disagree with their policies? 1 paragraph/5 sentences.part twoMedia Ethics1. Who is Kevin Carter (photojournalist) and what is he know for? (You can do your own research or use the articles posted below)2. What ethical controversy surrounds one of his pictures? Name the picture and describe the controversy. 3. Do you agree with his actions? Were his actions justified? Were they ethical?4. Would you have handled the situation differently? If so, how?5. What if it meant the result would be different and the impetus for aid for the region would not have existed? Is it justifiable to not intervene if it brings greater awareness to a problem or issue?Images of suffering can bring about change but are they ethical? (Links to an external site.) Shoot First Then Help (Links to an external site.) Movie to watch if you are interested in learning more : The Bang Bang ClubThe Bang Bang Club official movie trailer (Links to an external site.)350-450 wordspart three After viewing the following videos: Photoshop Effect 1 and 2 Photoshop, The Try Guys Get Photoshopped (regular guys get photoshopped) write a 3 page reaction paper.The Photoshop Effect part 1 (Links to an external site.)The Photoshop Effect part 2 (Links to an external site.)Regular Guys Get Photoshopped (Links to an external site.)Address each of the following questions in your paper:1. Describe in detail what you saw on the videos and share your opinion about what you experienced. This way I know you viewed all 3 items.2. Share at least one thing you found interesting about each of the three videos.3. How did the videos make you feel? What did it make you think?4. What is the effect on you and others in our society?5. Is it ethical?6. Were you aware of how prevalent photoshop actually is?7. Have you ever photoshopped a picture of yourself or someone else? Why did you do it?Papers Must:Be typed, 12 point font, double spaced- May Use MLA or APA style only.
Include proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure.
Include proper paragraphs (approximately 5 sentences per paragraph).
Include proper format (introduction, body, conclusion).
Include a cover page.
Include a works cited page.
Be a full 3 pages (in addition to your cover page and works cited page).
Remember to cite your sources (proper citation).

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