Prepare a short report (2 – 3 pages) about a famous hurricane.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a other exercise and need support to help me learn.1. Each Group chooses one famous hurricane: Galveston 1900, Andrew 1992, Typhoon Tip 1979, Katrina 2005, Typhoon Haiyan 2013, or Patricia 2015. 2. Do some research together and discuss with your group. 3. Prepare a short report (2 – 3 pages) about a famous hurricane. We will talk about the hurricanes in class. You choose the program to use: for example Word, Power Point, or other program 4. Turn this in as your Lab Report.  Your Report should include these details: photos of the storm (hurricane) (3 pts), category of the storm (1 pt), maximum wind speed (1 pt), lowest pressure at the center of the storm (1 pt), diagram or description of the path the hurricane took (2 pts), description of storm damage and impact on people (3 pts), other interesting details (3 pts), sources used (2 pts).  Grading: Included all storm details (16 pts), report is well organized (4 pts).  Note: It doesn’t have to be fancy! Just organize the information about the hurricane on a few pages in a clear format. You may use sentences or bullet points for the text.

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