prepare a brief project reflection addressing the process of the preparation leading to the presentation

Learning Goal: I’m working on a philosophy multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.The instruction: Post-presentation Reflections: After in-class presentations and discussions have been completed, each individual the group member should prepare a brief project reflection addressing the process of the preparation leading to the presentation, the goal or aims arrived at in planning that work, and the experience of how expectations were confirmed or surprised in the actual session. Good post-presentation reflections include relevant detail about the ideas and material presented, key insights about the course text connections prompting your choices, and thoughtful consideration of the extent to which intentions and opportunities have perhaps been realized or also sometimes partly missed. Post-presentation reflections should be relatively brief; typically about 2 pages in length. While less formal than a term paper, these should be typed and proofread with reasonable care for clarity.My professor common on my post-reflection: Hi Ali,Portions of the topic background material that you discuss here include interesting potential issues. Your reference to Freud is intriguing perhaps in initiating consideration of a psychological dimension to the vaccine implementation challenge. (The rest of your group leaned more toward gifts or biopolitics for course connections.) In a way the sociological and psychological characterization of modern Western culture in terms of “wounding” that Sloterdijk offered (a bit later in our readings than Freud) might have made a more productive connection. When you later make reference to Mill, there might have been a more direct opportunity to engage Foucault instead (as a course author), talking about how ‘the promise of protecting and enhancing the life of a community becomes the only way that liberalism seems to be able to justify impositions (and violence) exercised by the state.One significant aspect of your reflection that seems neglected at present is the way all of this fits with planning as a presentation for a class like ours. There’s a little bit of a mention at the end but it stays at a very general level without much specificity.Generally, the planning process–which usually includes both individual impressions and remarks on efforts to work with the others in your group–guides much of this kind of reflection essay. The other element is then typically how it actually played out in practice (which in your case included the element of being off-campus for that day, probably introducing some unique challenges for deciding how this all went).I’d suggest at least trying to revisit/revise your reflection to center more on this as a presentation project. I’m not sure if it would be helpful but it occurs to me that there could still be an opportunity to address or ask a few questions of class concerning the topic (possibly as a brief addendum to the group presentation)?

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