identifying and having a little understanding of the upcoming chapters learning objectives.

As you should have learned by now, it is important to know what you are looking for when studying and reading a textbook.
This assignment is designed to get you oriented with your upcoming chapter and to identify some vocabulary words that might make it hard for you to understand what your reading.
This assignment consists of identifying and having a little understanding of the upcoming chapters learning objectives. Learning objectives are the main points of each section of the chapter. I don’t expect you to fully know the learning objectives before reading the books so you will want to use your – guided notes learning objectives – template and search through the book (before reading it) and find the descriiptions. You can also look online. By doing this you will not only get the points for this assignment but you are preparing your mind for taking a deep dive into the chapter. (Links to an external site.)
These Guided Notes Learning Objectives & Terminology (Vocab) assignments will re-occur for every chapter. In future chapters, there is no need to explain the assignment as it will be the same. I will mostly briefly remind you of the assignment requirements and provide you a link to the specific chapter template. Don’t forget to combine your files (pages) for full points.
Guided Notes Template: CH 1 Guided Notes Template.pdf
In order to start on this assignment, I recommend you start with this chapter’s introduction and key terminology section. I will place the links here for your convenience. Simply click on the hyperlinks and you will access the online textbook.
CH 01 Introduction
CH 01 Key Term
I recommend you start the assignment asap and add to your notes as you listen to the lecture and read the textbook in preparation for your chapter quiz. Please note, these guided notes can be used during your quizzes and exams. The template is a guide to the minimum that I’m seeking, and you are free to add as much as you want to your notes.
Thank you,
Mr. Aguirre
Submit Notes: Handwritten only for points (Note: You will lose a point for not handwriting notes, not combining the files, not responding to all the guides on the template). You can print out the template and hand write the notes or you can handwrite the template and handwrite the notes.
I am requiring a minimum of two pages (one sided) to be submitted for full points. You can use these notes on your quizzes and exams. I recommend you keep adding to your notes and save you copies.
I want all pages to be submitted as one file as either a pdf, jpg or png. If I can not read your file, you will not get the points.
Here are a few tips regarding converting your files.
I’ve used this conversion tool for many years. Link (Links to an external site.) The free version is all you need.
Make sure you have Adobe PDF reader – (Links to an external site.) – you do not need to click on the optional offers. If you don’t want them you will have to unclick them. Unless you want them I would recommend you unclick them.
Combining PDF files: This YouTube video gives a tutorial for a tool at –
How To Combine PDF Files Into One – FREE

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