How well does the individual connect with their own professional brand on LinkedIn?

One part of this assignment focuses on reviewing your own social media profiles on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, etc. Individuals and organizations conduct a social media audit to learn about how they are managing their social media and whether social media are helping them achieve their professional goals. It is easy to let social media profiles become out-of-date or to undermine our brand on new media. A social media audit can help communication professionals get back on track so that their social media efforts actually work.
Also, potential employers value communication practitioners who know how to conduct a media audit and use audits to insure that goals are met.
In order to assess your own social presence, you’ll start by identifying a communication professional whose profile is visible on LinkedIn, and whose work you admire. Reviewing their presence will give you a baseline for comparison. Then you will conduct your own social media audit, and conclude with an overall assessment of your social and networking strengths and areas for improvement.
Here is the task step-by-step:
1. Review the lesson week materials related to social media media presence and strategies for conducting social media audits .
2. Visit LinkedIn and find the profile of a communications professional you admire. Take a look and see what you think about their profile. How does yours compare? How well does the individual connect with their own professional brand on LinkedIn?
3. Then, conduct your own social media audit. Please submit your audit as a Word document or PDF. You may organize your audit how you like – you can do it in paragraph form, as a table, in bullet points, etc.
You might consider these questions:
What social media you should add to your list and begin to use?
How many followers do you have on what accounts, and how often do you use each one?
What is the nature of your social network on these platforms? Are you connected to relevant professional contacts? Are you using your social media to help accomplish your professional goals?
Which social media platforms target different audiences you might want to connect with?
What social media you should stop using because they’re not helping you achieve a communication practitioner brand? Base your evaluation on the skills needed for a specific communication practice. Also consider the expectations of your target audience (i.e., potential employers or colleagues).
4. Finish the audit with recommendations about how to improve your social media use as a tool to achieving a strong communication practitioner brand. Explain exactly how the recommendations will enhance your general professional networking, not just your activities in social media. How will it improve your brand?
Your submission should include, at a minimum, an overview paragraph that summarizes the value and purpose of social auditing for communications professionals and a final paragraph that details how your recommendations will support your personal brand goals.
All other material may be organized in a way that you feel best conveys your message (table, bullet list, paragraph etc.)
The submission should be no more than 5pgs in length, be proof-read and edited for clarity, accuracy and grammar and use appropriate APA citation format. No cover page is needed for this assignment.

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