Explain why you agree or disagree.

Response 1
Review your classmates’ posts and respond to at least 1 in a minimum of 150 words. Explain why you agree or disagree. Then, share an example from your professional experience to support your assertions. Have at least 2 peer reviewed sources in apa citation..
Business leaders who desire to establish and maintain a competitive advantage in business must also be innovators. Innovation allows companies to stay in business (Johnson, 2017). However, the act of innovation cannot be done by a single person or in a vacuum. Innovation is a process that includes many components and is best conducted in a collaborative team environment (Johnson, 2017). Companies that are not financially equipped to engage in innovation may have to move resources around to commit people and finances to a new idea. Additionally, a new collaborative group must be formed of individuals that can dedicate themselves and commit to the work required for innovation. After this group has made significant milestones, such as establishing a common goal, they can “become” a team and develop a greater sense of ownership and responsibility for the innovative project.
When I think about successful innovation management processes versus unsuccessful ones, I initially think of Netflix and Blockbuster. Netflix originally began as an underdog, providing DVDs via mail to customers or vending kiosks. Leaders within this organization realized the potential for Netflix to become more significant than the leader Blockbuster at that time. Netflix successfully rolled out various phases of services before becoming the streaming service leader today. On the other hand, Blockbuster made no significant changes to keep up with rising innovative competitors. Their lack of action ultimately phased them out of business. In this instance, Blockbusters’ lack of technology limited their ability to compete in the streaming market. Unfortunately this decision made the box video store company obsolete. However, Netflix use of data and technology provided information on customer demands, which further supported to need for streaming services.
Johnsson, M. (2017). Innovation enablers for innovation teams – A review. Journal of Innovation Management, 5(3), 75-121. https://www.proquest.com/scholarly-journals/innovation-enablers-teams-review/docview/2137518082/se-2
Response 2
Read others’ questions and choose 1. Write a 150- to 250-word response to this question. Do you have an experience that answers the question? At different points in your career, would you have answered this question differently? Why? Have at least 2 peer reviewed apa sources sited
One thing that has been successful during my leadership tenure within IT is that making your team feel that they can approach you with ideas and be heard, as well as challenge you when they feel that you are wrong about something, empowers them and sparks their inner ability of innovation. This approach can generate an everlasting shelf life for and organization similar to some of the successful organizations today. Informal meetings and communications through informal human networks (or informal organizations) because he believed that creativity came about through spontaneous gatherings, communications and random conversations (Jobs, 2018). Creating this type of organizational culture will lead to intention thinking processes aka design thinking, which can be successful, especially within the IT industry. A motto that I have been carrying for years that I learned from former Walgreens CIO is that it one should be intentional with change before the environment forces you to change. A central proposition of design thinking is that it can be helpful for a range of business challenges that exceed the traditional focus of industrial design (Beckman and Barry 2007). While there are several other challenges that we are facing during this time of expansion, changing how the company approaches solutions could help the brand differentiate from the competitors. I know there will be times when and organization’s patience will be tested during the change/implementation phase but one must be diligent until the company as adapted a design approach to innovation. It would be unfortunate if a design thinking approach was discarded prematurely by individual teams or entire organizations due to frustration with its implementation (Seidel, et al, 2013).
Seidel, V. P., Fixson, S. K. 2013. Adopting design thinking in novice multidisciplinary teams: The application and limits of design methods and reflexive practices. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 30, 19-33.
Kodama, M. (2018). Managing innovation through Ma thinking. Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 35(2), 155–177.
Beckman, S. L., and M. Barry. 2007. Innovation as a learning process: Embedding design thinking. California Management Review 50

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