Explain how this system is regulated.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing presentation and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Once again, assume you are a nurse practitioner with a medical practice serving your local community. You have noticed that many of your patients don’t want to come in for regular checkups or appointments when they are ill because they state they can’t afford health care for themselves and their families.In this assignment, your audience is your patient and their families. You have been asked by your supervisor to develop a presentation about the different types of health care payer systems and the differences between them.Select 2 of the following health care payer systems from your first presentation: Medicare
Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Private insurance
Create an 15 to 18-slide PowerPoint presentation (excluding title and reference slide), with speaker’s notes, communicating how health care is financed based on the health care payer system you selected. Include the following in your presentation: Describe your selected health care payer system.
Explain how this system is regulated.
Explain the advantages and disadvantages associated with how this health care payer system finances health care in the United States.
Describe the different ways the U.S. government reimburses and finances the delivery of health care, such as tax revenue, compulsory national insurance, and the private–public balance relevant to your selected method of health care financing.
Include the impact of government health care policy and funding on the quality of care outcomes for a community such as the one you serve.
Be sure your presentation is prepared for the community noted above so that it is presented at a level which they can understand.
Be prepared to answer questions from the audience when you present.
Cite at least 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar academic references to support your presentation.

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