Do they use another measure like subjective well-being?

Assignment #3: Annotated Bibliography
Punishment and Corrections (CR 4091)
Assignment #3 – Annotated Bibliography (30 points)
This Assignment
Now that you have accumulated the articles for your literature review, you are ready to make the next
step in creating an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is a list of articles, books or other
academic sources that includes a brief summary of the articles that have been listed. Your job is to list
your articles, book or other citations and to provide this summary for each. The summary should be a
decent paragraph in length (perhaps 150 words).
In addition to each summary, I would like to list your dependent variables again and to explain how they
were measured. For instance, if your dependent variable is mental health, how is mental health
measured? Do they authors use depression? Do they use another measure like subjective well-being?
Describe briefly how they arrived at a measure of their dependent variable.
I would also like you to provide at least one independent variable for each article as well, and describe
how it is measured. Independent variables are the thing that determines or effects the outcome or
dependent variable. For instance, perhaps you’re interested in how the length of stay in prison
determines mental health. In this case, the length of stay is your independent variable. Just a reminder that some of you are reviewing theoretical articles where variables are not so clear cut.
Just do the best you can.
In summary, for each article, you need a brief summary of the article, the dependent variable for each
article and how it’s measured, and ONE independent variable for each article and how it’s measured.
Another video is located in the Zoom Videos tab to help your with understanding measurement of
Eight Summaries (22 points)
Eight Dep. Variables (3 points)
Eight Ind. Variables (3 points)
Spelling/grammar/professionalism (2 points)
Total (30 points)

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