Develop your drawing from general to specific.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a art exercise and need support to help me learn.steps:Choose your subject matter. Architectural structures are preferred. Students can draw an interior space (corner of room/kitchen/closet) OR a building from an exterior view showing in two-point perspective. Some minor elements can be in a one-point perspective
Start sketching with a graphite pencil lightly. Develop your drawing from general to specific. To practice free-hand drawing, students are highly recommended to draw from life observation. Use the reference photo as a secondary resource because cameras tend to distort angles, especially for the verticals. In order to make the space stable, keep all the verticals in your perspective drawing straight (ONLY 3-p perspective will have vertical angles that are not straight)
Use Micron Pen to go over your drawing. Erase pencil lines when ink is dry
Only use ruler in the refining stage of your drawing
Submit both picture of the space and picture of your drawing.Grading Criteria:(1) Understanding of 2-p perspective(2) Consistent perspective throughout the whole drawing(3) Convincing space and viewing angle(4) Clean presentation with ink pen. Erase all pencil lines

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