Describe the social problem(s) addressed in the policy.

Review the Policy Selection Process document in the Learning Resources this week. This document outlines the search for and selection of the Election Integrity Act of 2021—you will need to follow a similar process for your own region or state as part of your Social Change Project.
Identify the social problem(s) addressed in the policy.
Select an excerpt from the policy that you would change—this could be a small change, like an addict, or a large change, like a complete revision or removal—to better alleviate the social problem.  From SB202 Election Integrity Act
APA Format with 2 or 3 sources
Submit a 3- to 4-page paper that addresses the following:
Describe the social problem(s) addressed in the policy.
Which areas in the policy indicated the social problem(s) to you?
Why, as a social worker, should you be concerned with the problem(s)?
Are there other problem(s) not directly identified that might be impacted, positively or adversely, by the policy?
What makes a social problem a social work problem?
How can social work practice skills be applied to advocacy and policy that promote change?
Determine who defines the problem.
Who is defining the problem?
What values are reflected in this definition of the problem?
What is being omitted in this definition?
Which population(s) is/are impacted by the problem?
What is the relationship between the social problem(s) and the population(s)? In other words, why are some people impacted by the problem(s) when others are not?
How is/are the population(s) taken into consideration in the policy?
Summarize the excerpt from the policy that you identified as needing change.
What are the strengths of this excerpt in helping to alleviate the social problem? It is okay if you do not see any strengths. Explain why.
What are the limitations of this excerpt in helping to alleviate the social problem(s) for the population(s)?
What specific changes would you make to the excerpt to alleviate the social problem(s) for the population(s)? You can describe the changes or quote direct policy language you would change.

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