What is it?

Hum 1100 Milestone Three:
Rough Draft of Section II.
For this milestone you will construct the rough draft of the first two sections of the final paper, I & II “Introduction” and “What is it?” section of the final paper. The purpose of this milestone is to either narrow down and/or dive into the research on your one example from the medium/art field that you have chosen and start the foundation for the first body section of the final paper.
Utilizing the research that you have conducted on your theme and art form, narrow down your example to a specific piece that you will highlight in the final paper. Then complete the following analysis:
Theme: Introduce the theme/topic that you chose from the course list giving a summary of the theme/topic. (what/who it is, and significance to society)
Medium: Introduce the medium and specific piece that you will be viewing your theme/topic through.
Thesis: State why your theme and medium are important to the humanities and the understanding of the human condition.
What is it?:
The Contextual Information: After researching the piece and the artists contextual information (culture, history, era, style, influences) Write about the following:
Art Form: Utilizing concepts from the course, give a detailed overview of the art form from which your piece came from. Include: style, culture, and era.
Piece Specific Information: Utilizing research and course concepts give detailed information on the artists/author/composer, the contextual information that influenced them, the genre that the piece belongs to.
Influence: Analyze how these contextual elements influenced the theme as seen in this specific piece of art. What is the artist saying about the theme because of their unique experiences?
For this rough draft, you must have a minimum of one source quoted and cited to support your reporting of facts and information on your piece. Each prompt section should be answered by a minimum of one paragraph. The notes for revision will be made for this section when grading and looked for within the final draft version of the final paper.
Guidelines for Submission: Students are required to turn in a minimum of 2 pages on the topic/theme and art forms indicated above. Titles pages and References/Works Cited are not included in the total page count for papers.
The paper must include:
Address each part of the prompts in each section. The prompts can be found above in the sub-areas under each required element.
Source material citation is required to support your paper. If you are sharing historical facts through paraphrasing your sources, you must cite them.
As per the research milestone, your researched source material must contain a minimum of one library source, and all sources must be reputable.
Take into consideration material such as course readings we have covered this far and cite properly per MLA or APA format if using direct or indirect citations.
Utilize course concepts and terminology.
Proper writing mechanics.

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