What elements of the poem contribute to the creation of the persona?

Write a 500-750 word double spaced paper based on one of the topics below. Your paper
should follow the conventions of an analytical academic essay. Your textbook and the Course Resource
area of Learn for examples and instructions.
1. Choose one poem that we’ve read for this section. It will be easier to work with a longer poem. Write
a paper that explains how one or two elements of the poem (imagery, versification and sound, speaker,
structure, language, etc.) work to create the overall effect and theme.
2. Analyze the speaker or persona in one of the longer poems we’ve read. What elements of the poem
contribute to the creation of the persona? Consider how the speaker/persona fits with our course
theme–misfits in literature.
3. Compare and contrast a poetic element of two or more of the poems. You could examine imagery,
the speakers, the themes, or any other poetic elements that are significant. This topic will be easiest if
there is a good reason to compare the poems in the first place–similar themes, different use of the
same poetic form, etc.

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