What did you learn from this, in relation to theory?

The guideline of the assignment
What is the international economic policy problem you study
§ Choose a real trade related international economic problem of today
§ US-China, Africa-Europe (migration?, agriculture?), Korea-Japan, Israel-Europe, impact from COVID-19 on trade, location of work (trade impact), migration due to Islamist problem in Afghanistan, Syria, Irak , Europe,…
§ Themes
§ Trade in ideas – IP related
§ Trade in services – global value chains ; technical services; …
§ Trade in goods– global value chains
§ Analytical narrative framed by a theory , on what countries ALREADY HAVE DONE (not “could” to or “should” do) NOT the usual historic narrative (can be in intro)
§ Explain the rationale of what they have done through a theory, and what the theory predicts and what the results have been or until now.
§ 1. Political economy theory (story) – incentives for change in moving towards free trade
§ 2. What policy are they trying to use to fix the problem?
§ 3. What are the results so far?
§ 4. What did you learn from this, in relation to theory?
5. What do you think the outcomes could be?
Please follow this guildline.
I attached my topic sentence draft of the essay, and the text provided in this course. You can neglect or revise my work.
I would really appreciate if I can get assistance from you. Thank you

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