What contextual variables were relevant to you and what posed as limitations/constraints.

One of the core tenets of ABA is to focus on behaviors that are socially significant, but “social significance” is a rather fluid term and will vary from one client to another. As we discussed in Module 4, issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion are VERY relevant to our field. For this DB, outline at least 3 areas of the source study and/or your replication project that need to be adapted/modified/altered for individuals who have different background than yours. What contextual variables were relevant to you and what posed as limitations/constraints. Think of issues related to culture, SES, disability, race, gender, and any other significant aspect of an individual’s lived experiences. Also, include at least one verified source (e.g., official websites that have credibility and authority on this topic, published articles, or a book chapter). This source needs to be different from the one you posted in DB4. You may include the source in your original post and/or reply posts. If your post does not include a source, no points will be awarded as credit.

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