What are the advantages of providing training to school planning committee members?

Application Questions
What are the advantages of having procedures and policies in place to define the roles and responsibilities of the school planning committee?
What are the advantages of providing training to school planning committee members?
Describe four attributes of a data driven school. Describe how those attributes manifest themselves on your campus. If they are not manifested, what would need to happen for them to be manifested on your campus?
Data analysis, the fourth component of the Sorenson-Goldsmith Integrated Budget Model, was referenced as the “brain center” of this model. What is the significance of this nickname for the fourth component of this model?
Why is the quote at the beginning of the chapter relevant to this chapter?
Rewrite this non-measurable objective into a measurable objective: “More students will take advance placement (AP) courses next year.” Defend your revision.
Why does the Fullan and Miles quote, “Different worlds collide, more learning occurs, and change is realistically managed” (1992, p. 752) manifest itself in the needs prioritization step of the process?
How would the flight metaphor play out at your school?
Using Figure 3.5, which stage is your campus at in the implementation of the Sorenson-Goldsmith Integrated Budget Model? Defend your choice.
Using your response to Question 9, provide three recommendations to bring your use of the budget model to the next stage. If your campus is at Stage 4, describe three actions you took to get to Stage 4 from Stage 3.
In “Final Thoughts,” the authors ask the readers to “be patient with each other.” Why do you think they gave this advice? What does “be patient with each other” look like?

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