“Victimization or transgressive empowering manipulation?

Dear writer,
I would need you to write a thesis proposal that is about this topic:
“Victimization or transgressive empowering manipulation? The construction of ambiguous femininity through gothic tropes and discourse in 19th century Irish and British fiction.”
I also send you theses that you can mix to get something relevant enough to the above topic. The documents entitled “Thesis part 1” & “Thesis part 2” are the google translation in English of the goal to achieve. I would like you to read as well Zhuang’s thesis and to add some relevant elements from her thesis to the proposal (that I would like you to highlight in yellow) while keeping in mind that the thesis is mainly the one from the documents “thesis part 1” and “thesis part 2” (although some elements will be modified and added to that later, notably concerning Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, and Zhuang’s idea of masquerade applied to the texts of the corpus and hat she mentions in her chapter 2 – that are both important to mention in the proposal).
The thesis proposal (between 1375 and 2000 words) should include sections on: aims, objectives, project descriiption (that includes a substantive outline of the project, a breakdown of ‘chapters/main parts’ with a quick content summary of each one), motivation and originality and relevance of the project, research methodology (that includes a theoretical framework and at least 5 or 6 references).
Here is information about myself that could be worth mentioning: I have previously worked on the gothic in Brontë’s Wuthering Heights for my first MA by research, Poe’s narrative and discursive strategies as regards reader participation for another MA by research and gender roles in Collin’s Hunger Games trilogy, and body representation in the play Richard II by Shakespeare.
I hope the information given will help you know what to mention. Please, feel free to contact me should you have any questions.
Kind regards.

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