provide an explanation of CRISPR technology

Introduction (no more than 3 pages, not including figures)
In this section, you will provide an explanation of CRISPR technology, its origins, the key components of the
system and how it works, as well as potential applications of this technology. Recall, for example, that we
listened to the story of one of the first individuals in the US to be treated for Sickle Cell Anemia using this
technology. You may include figures in this section but be sure to provide citations (not included in the 3-
page limit).
Materials and Methods (no more than 2 pages)
Provide detailed instructions on the procedure you performed in paragraph format with subheadings in the past
tense. Include volumes used and the duration of specific steps where a specific period time was specified in the
instructions. Also use sub-headings wherever you think it is appropriate. For example, “Heat-shock Procedure”;
“Plating Bacteria on Culture Plates”; “Incubation of Plates for Bacterial Growth”, etc.
Provide information each treatment group and the results observed.
• Include pictures of your plates clearly labeled with the specific treatment the plate received. Also include
a few sentences describing the results shown in the pictures.
• Include the table that details the components of each plate, whether there were colonies, the color of the
colonies and the number of colonies and gene editing efficiency, where applicable.
Discussion: (no more than 2 pages)
Here you will compare your expected results with your actual results:
• Reiterate each treatment group, identify the expected results and why you expected those results.
• Next, state whether your observed results are consistent with what was expected. If it is not consistent,
provide explanations about the inconsistency – specific explanations about what might have gone wrong
in the procedure. A statement of human error or experimental error is notsufficient.
Here you will list all of the sources you use to prepare the report, including the lab handout from BIO-RAD. You
should also include citations for any images you use in the report. Please use the APA or MLA format for citing your
sources but stick to one format.

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