Is the argument sound or flawed? Why?

Annotated Bibliography: Roughly two weeks after the proposal, you will submit an annotated bibliography to the appropriately labeled dropbox. Annotated bibliographies are helpful in that they hold researchers accountable to their sources and discourage them from procrastinating on their research reading. The guidelines for the annotated bibliography are as follows:
· MLA format is required
· Your annotated bibliography must contain at least four academic sources.
· Only use print and electronic sources that you found through GIL or GALILEO, or another library search engine. Internet websites will not be accepted as academic sources.
· Beneath each source, write a short annotation (roughly 100 words long for each one) that does the following:
o Briefly summarizes the author’s primary argument
o Briefly evaluates the author’s primary argument (i.e., Is the argument sound or flawed? Why?)
o Briefly explains how the source will help advance or develop your own argument
o Includes at least one piece of textual evidence from the source, properly cited according to MLA standards
Warning! In past semesters I’ve seen a lot of plagiarism in students’ annotated bibliographies. When confronted, one student told me that she figured it was okay to copy and paste material from the source straight into one of her annotations because she had listed the source information right above it. She figured she had given proper credit. This is misguided for two reasons: 1) Writers are never permitted to take an author’s words verbatim, even if you give credit for the author’s ideas. Word-for-word passages taken from a source must always appear in direct quotes, followed by an appropriate MLA citation. 2) The purpose of an annotated bibliography is for you to take in the information your sources provide, internalize it, process it, filter it through your original thesis, and then reflect on it in the form of your annotations. I need to hear your unique voice and see your unique ideas in what you write beneath each source.

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