How will you address the misalignment identified in Step 1?

1950 words (excl. reference list)
Undertaking a significant review of the Organizational alignment in your current company or a company of your choosing. You, as CEO, are seeking to clarify the changes required to pursue a successful business strategy.
Step 1: Problem statement > present and identify the key issues facing your organisation
Here you need to present your key question: What will you solve? >>> Misalignment between organisational
architecture and the key capabilities required to deliver on strategic objectives
Step 2: Analysis and application > Use 3 theories to: And from Readings
Identify and justify the two capabilities needed for your organisation to be successful (bundles of capabilities you
need to excel at in order to be successful. Use checklist/conceptual framework & business sense to identify them).
Analyse the current state of alignment for your selected organization (look for misalignment between people,
structure, culture and/or systems and capabilities) :
Step 3: Recommendations: How will you address the misalignment identified in Step 1?
Recommendations need to align with identified misalignment and allow the development of key capabilities
You need to identify the impact of your recommendations on people/ structure/ culture/systems
Structure your report
Title page (not counted in word count)
Executive Summary: not counted in word count. This is a short summary of the entire report.
It summarises the report’s purpose, findings, and recommendations. NO MORE THAN 1 PAGE
Table of Contents (not counted in word count)
Introduction (approx.150 words): usually includes
Brief background information (to your organisation)
Purpose (what is the problem to be solved?)
Structure (how is the report structured?)
NB: The exec summary and the intro fulfil different purposes. Please do not repeat.
The purpose is to look for misalignment that impacts the organisation’s key capabilities.
Not everything will be misaligned – Use your wordcount for the elements that really need development. The others could be dealt with quickly.
Use 3 academic concepts/ frameworks
to present your analysis. Justify with evidence (OCAl framework,
graphs [e.g. current structure, Porter’s value
chain image of corporate values anything that is publicly
available & relevant. Put lengthy evidence in the appendix (anything
that might take too many words); include graphs and pictures in the main body as it brings the report to life
Should answer the misalignment as stated in the introduction
Must be specific – how will you implement them? Are they feasible?
Bonus points: Can you foresee difficulties/ impediments? How will you overcome them?
Conclusion (approx. 150 words): Summary of the report. It may also include limitations of the report.
Appendices: information outside the scope of the report that has informed your
APA 6th or 7th Edition.

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