How has your nation’s culture, history, and geography affected your national security practices?

imagine you are the leader of North Korea. Ideally, in order to execute national security policies in accordance with your nation’s best interests, you need to understand its culture, geography, history, etc. But, you also need to understand the realities of power in the world, how well your national power attributes and dimensions stack up, relative to others. You can test these in diplomacy, but only in war are they fully revealed. A miscalculation here can cost your crown if you were a monarch, or perhaps the Republic if you violate democratic principles in the conduct of foreign policy. In this discussion, you should draw on your knowledge of your chosen country and respond as if you were the leader by addressing the following questions in light of your fellow countrymen’s most likely responses:
• How has your nation’s culture, history, and geography affected your national security practices?
• If an attack were imminent on your country, what would be your primary responses to it? For example, would you go it alone against the foe, seek military allies, or even international community support as your primary moves?
• How well does national culture or identity explain your responses to these first questions; do they count for more than relative DIME power in your view?

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