How has society’s attitude changed

Essay Components
Research and find online an article, blog post, video, or some other media related to your topic. Write an essay with a minimum of 600 words on your chosen topic.
Why did you choose the topic
What did you learn about sexual orientation and/or gender identity by reading about your chosen topic? In your response be sure to define gender identity and sexual orientation and explain how they are different.
How has society’s attitude changed (or not) about the topic you chose to write about?
Thinking about intersectionality, how does race factor into your chosen topic?
What have you most valued learning about this topic?
Possible Topics
2020 Supreme Court Decision on Workplace Nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ+ Americans
Under-studied Sexualities: Asexuality and Bisexuality
Transgender Bathroom Debates
The Tragedy in Orlando
Intersex Athletes
Transfeminism and Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminisms (TERFS)
Nevada’s Question 2 Ballot Initiative, in 2020, that Removes Discriminatory Language about Marriage from the State’s Constitution
*Be sure to quote/cite something from the readings/modules.

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