How does post op radiation help after excision and when is it indicated?

This is a mini thesis on the management of meningiomas. I want to include what a meningioma is, the types of meningiomas (benign vs. atypical/malignant), the diagnosis of them, the different types of treatment, the prognosis, and the reoccurrence rates. In regards to treatment, is there one better than the other? I also want to include some new trials of certain drugs that are included in the articles as well. How does post op radiation help after excision and when is it indicated? All 7 articles have materials on these things and need to be addressed in the paper. My main thesis statement/ question is How to Manage a meningioma and the effect after management. Needs to include:
Abstract- brief summary of paper
Intro- thesis statement and background info
Body- provides a review of literature in relation to the thesis statement
Conclusion- interprets data in relation to thesis statement/question and discuss findings

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