How does it all “add up”?

Choose a specific passage from the reading. While we read a text or you watch a film we are usually drawn instinctively to some images or passages that for some, known or unknown reasons, strike or intrigue us more than others. The first step to complete this blog post is for you to identify such sequence in the assigned reading or film. You may be drawn by the counter-intuitive nature of the argument, the sophistication of the visuals, the importance of the events chronicled, the politics or the emotions that it evokes. Of particular interest should be those passages or moments that teach you something that you never thought bef0re.How has your encounter with the tex/ the film changed what you originally thought in relation to Italy, Italian history, or the relationship between history and cinema more generally? Which discoveries seem particularly important to communicate to your reader? How does it all “add up”?
Read the entire text and the analysis should be based on the attached document Schneider and Schneider_ Origins of the Mafia.
Word count should exclude the quotation being used for analysis.

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