Explain why people in the . marry their daughters so young?

A‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‍‌‍‍DDITIONAL NOTE: am soooo sorry I have been trying all day to download these lectures to you for the assignments. Jenna McCarthy – has two questions for the lecture and the attached documents. The Podcast has lecture with 4 questions to be answered. PLEASE TYPE THE QUESTIONS AND THEN THE ANSWERS. THE PODCAST LECTURERS ARE COMING OVER NOW! s everything O.K. with the lecturers? you should have 2 PODCAST videos and 2 TED – JENNA MCCATHY videos. https://mega.nz/file/LldGCYCY#xxFr2wMh7rH8nzePAO0pihR3F1F5aqCzja0C1cQJLpg https://mega.nz/file/XhFV1CyS#s72hqRQRzRDddMsGzVnsYg0X0YYqmiMDdlGT9kBsO2o https://mega.nz/file/O4dQTR7Y#kr-IDuC5dkQieW1h2RytrkIkLXuTGuM-a28RS_ATZcQ https://mega.nz/file/vwdUSRhT#Gp6kdf7_1PY_AvC4D6WztTI1Of6FO-wqjJ9h7iuIwyM YOU HAD TWO VIDEO’S TO WATCH AND QUESTIONS WHERE ARE THE QUESTIONS FOR THE TED – JENNA MCCARTHY VIDEO?????????????????????????? 1. Explain why families around the world marry their young daughters and how many (annually) are under the age of 18? 2. State how many women in the . are abused and or killed by their male partners every year? FOR THE PODCAS VIDEO? YOU HAD 4 QUESTIONS TO ANSWER, ANSWER THEM CORRECTLY. 3. States to summarize some of the stories: It’s a story on Heather and Erin I need you to listen to the lecture and summarize that story please reread the others questions PLEASE READ ALL THE MATERIALS AND LISTEN TO THE VIDEOS AND ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS- ALL OF THE MATERIAL ARE ATTACHED. TYPE THE QUESTIONS AND THEN TYPE THE ANSWERS FOR EACH QUESTION. PLEASE READ ALL THE MATERIALS NO SHORT CUTS! ‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‍‌‍‍YOU TUBE VIDEO: TED – Jenna McCathy – What you don’t know about marriage. In addition, you have the materials attached to answer the questions. 1. EXPLAIN WHY FAMILIES AROUND THE WORLD MARRY THEIR YOUNG DAUGHTERS AND HOW MANY (annually) ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18? 2. STATE HOW MANY WOMEN IN THE . ARE ABUSED AND OR KILLED BY THEIR MALE PARTNERS EVERY YEAR? MY TEST IS BASED ON YOUR ANSWERS- AND YOUR ANSWERS ARE BASED ON THE MATERIALS THAT YOU READ AND LISTEN TO. ____________________________________________ Listen to the video attached. You will not be able to gain access to the PODCAST however, I have attached a recording video of the podcast. Child Marriages in America The Front Line Dispatch and answer the following questions. Type the questions and then type the answers after listening to the video. 1. Explain why people in the . marry their daughters so young? 2. Explain the role of parents in these marriages? 3. Summarize some of the stories? 4. Discuss the state laws regarding age requirements for marriage mentioned in the PODCAST: Speech-Child Marriage In America The Front Line Dispatch PLEASE DO NOT RUSH THIS ASSIGNMENT TO GET PAID! I WILL NOT HAVE TIME TO RESUBMIT THIS ASSIGNMENT BACK TO YOU FOR REVISION – SO DON’T EXPECT ADDITIONAL TIME. ——————————–

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