essay based on 3 stories from the book Tell Me Who You Are by Winoa Guo and Priya Vulchi

I need an essay based on 3 stories from the book Tell Me Who You Are by Winoa Guo and Priya Vulchi with an introduction on why I picked the stories and to start the next 3 paragraphs with how they resonate. I picked three stories, One from Chapter Three Our Richness, Race And Beyond, and two from chapter four The Words We Us Matter.
I felt Deja’s story was good because she brings up how Trans women are not treated the same as Cisgender white women. She is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Being she is part Mexican, Serbian, German, and Irish she is proud of who she is no matter what people think. Even though it still, brings out how white Trans white women are more likely to get a job compared to mixed-race trans women. She also brings up how people tend to misjudge trans women, such as saying they’re prostitutes, objects of sex, etc. A lot of private companies will refuse someone who is transgender a job. Even though today a lot of jobs across the United States have Sex Work Rights, a lot of people who are trans still struggle with many issues of judgment.
The next paragraph is also bringing up the last paragraph a bit. Then start with April’s story. She too is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her parents try to force her to be a Cisgender male all because of the anatomy she was born with. They made her go to an all-boys school all because of their religion. Because she made herself be a “White Male,” getting a job was easier. Being a trans woman was a step below society. However, it did not stop her from transitioning into a woman. For years her family didn’t know until she ended up in the hospital after surviving a trans hate crime. Surviving the attack had her end up in a wheelchair. Because she was now disabled, transportation was an issue. She couldn’t attend certain events. People saw her as a reminder of a trans hate crime. She wants to be heard but she is excluded by others.
the last paragraph starts with the closing of April’s story to then José’s story from Tulsa Oklahoma. He came from a strict Catholic family that kicked him out at the age of 15 for coming out as gay. he ended up couch surfing from one house to another, putting himself through high school and college. Having jobs on and off. A gay bar threatened to call the ICE on him and his friends because they didn’t show enough proof of being legal citizens. José ended up making a phone call to Dennis R. Neill Equality Center and filling out a report on how he and his friends were mistreated. Once everything was cleared, the struggle began once he started working. He is a gay, Latino who survived domestic violence. He faced racism and discrimination. In college, he got to produce and direct his show called Tulsa Youth Talk. Today he does whatever he can to help young people. It is like a big support group. After college, his father reached out and made amends’ with him. His father had a change of heart and now is very supportive. There are a lot of people in the LGBTQ community who either have a supporting family or don’t.
The closing paragraph is me bringing up why I felt a connection with these stories and also bringing up that I am Non-Binary and pansexual. Some people are not accepting or they don’t understand that there are more than two genders. Even though people in my college are understanding, where I work, both workers and customers are not understanding at all and view people should go by gender based on the anatomy they’re born with

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