Does the museum redress the class-related issues of ownership and access to art?

Discussion Essay 6
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Chapter 12
Art and Class. Almost every art form is a reflection of the class for whom the art is made. We see repeatedly that the most lavish works are made for upper classes, while more modest works are for the lower classes. What about access to art? In many cases, the wealthy are the only ones who can afford to purchase high profile art or develop collections around well-known artists. Most private collections are closed to the public, but some private collections eventually end up in museums.
Does the museum redress the class-related issues of ownership and access to art?
Who controls what art gets into museums?
Are there any forms of art that transcend class?
How has COVID-19 altered this?
To earn the full ten points, your essay should be submitted on time, approximately 300-350 words long, and relevant to the topic. Responses are to be written in grammatically correct, traditional English—not as text messages.

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