Do you understand why she killed her husband?

In a minimum of 500-words, write a multi-paragraph essay, I want you to find clues and information given in the play to either defend Mrs. Wright or condemn Mrs. Wright of killing her husband. This is your opinion; your argument. BUT–DO NOT USE I in this paper! (Keep reading to find out why). I want you to argue whether or not YOU find her guilty of the crime (again, you are to condemn or defend her). Do you understand why she killed her husband? Did he deserve to die, or are you under the opinion that murdering someone should never, ever happen? (Side note: think about how many news stories you hear where a woman kills the man who kept her captive and did really bad things to her; honestly, I think the murder was justified–sorry if that offends any of you, though). Are there clues or is there enough evidence to condemn Mrs. Wright to life in prison or death? Is Mrs. Wright only guilty of defending herself from a cold, unloving husband? Respond to this prompt by using the assumption that Mrs. Wright killed her husband; would you condemn her to death or life in prison, or would you defend Mrs. Wright and fight to set her free? Use specific information from the play to support your ideas–correctly cited quoted passages from the play must appear in your essay. Use present tense as you discuss the events in the play that take place in the story you read—What the two men and the two women find in the house will be discussed in present tense since this action happens in front of the reader/audience directly. Your essay should be comprised of at least 4 paragraphs: one introduction paragraph (in which you include the title of the play, the playwright, a short summary of the play, and the essay’s thesis–make sure to use the word defend or condemn in the thesis)
2 body paragraphs (in which you provide evidence to support why you condemn or defend Mrs. Wright’s actions)
1 conclusion paragraph
and a work cited
The essay must contain quoted passages from the play. ** Your essay should include no more than two (correctly cited and short) quoted passages from the play.**

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