Determine the bank angle such that the only force on the rider is the normal force from the seat.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a civil engineering question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Design a roller coaster. Coaster Specifications: Roller coaster must include at least (1) one circular track, where the track goes in a spiral motion. Determine the bank angle such that the only force on the rider is the normal force from the seat. Coaster must also must include (2) one inversion (an upside down part). Calculations: Calculations to perform as a function of time:1. velocity2. acceleration3. Normal force of seat on passenger4. Max g-force on passenger, bank angle.Additionally, not as a function of time (1) height of the initial drop must be determined in addition to (2) the force required to slow down the motion (and the time the force is applied) must be determined to bring the coaster to rest (don’t design it so it runs out of gravitational energy at the end, this could result in a stuck car for a lighter person). The normal force on the rider from the seat must be greater than zero to ensure that the passenger does not fall out. Calculations must be performed for someone in the 95 percentile of weight and in the 40 percentile of weight. Neglect the size of the rider, track friction and air resistance. Restrictions: The maximum G-load (acceleration) experienced by a person should be no more than 5 g’s. This is equivalent to a normal force of 5mg, based on the mass of the person. Final report includes:(1) Drawing of coaster, including dimensions (height, radius of curvature, bank angle, where appropriate). For 2D drawings, at least two perspectives (top and side view).(2) Two spreadsheets: including the calculations as a function of time for large mass and small mass rider (95 percentile and 40th percentile)(3) Brief summary of coaster, calculations and process of designing.

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