current employee to Sales manager within the store. Who should it be?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a mysql question and need guidance to help me learn.Download SQLiteStudio from ( the Chinook database from the SQLite tutoriala. this project, you will interact with the Chinook database to form the foundation for a company business plan. The company has a database with inventory, personnel, and sales information. The company is contending with several questions as it struggles to survive:§We need to promote 1 current employee to Sales manager within the store. Who should it be? Use the data available in the database to develop a way to measure the best candidate for the job and then make a recommendation§The owner wants to know how often customers return to and purchase items at the store. Develop a histogram showing the frequency of time between visitso is a helpful resource§Develop 1 interest metric for this music store. For example, something that might be interesting and measurable could be the amount of money earned by the store/track/day.1.Phase 1 – (10 points)1.1.Write out a plan to complete the analysis on the manager promotion. How will you decide this? What measure of success will you use? (2 points)1.2.Develop 3 metric ideas for application to the database. Think about the pros and cons of each (why would it be helpful to know? Why not?). Then choose 1 to complete. (2 points)

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