comparing and contrasting 6 peer-reviewed studies related to developmental psychology.

Requirements from the professor: Each student will be responsible for comparing and contrasting 6 peer-reviewed studies related to developmental psychology. Students will choose their own topics and their corresponding studies to critique with the approval of the instructor. Students will write a 5-page paper without including the title page and reference page (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt font, standard margins, APA format) that contains the following:
(1) Summaries of the main findings of the studies
(2) Discussion of the differences and similarities of the studies
(3) Implications of the differences and similarities
*No quotations from authors allowed. ONLY PARAPHRASE
PLEASE find 6 peer review articles
“You should upload the PDFs of the 6 studies you are reviewing in your term paper/presentation. As a reminder, the sources should be empirical. That is, they collect original data, form hypotheses, conduct statistical analysis on said collected data, and form conclusions based on the results of their statistical analysis. You would therefore see a method, results, and discussion section in the source. Sources that don’t meet the criteria include–review articles (they are reviewing previous studies–pro tip: you can mine the reference sections for studies you can use though since they review the entire state of the field of whatever research topic), theoretical articles, and dissertations. Dissertations do not count because they are not peer-reviewed by experts in the field outside of the Ph.D. candidate’s university and aren’t published in a scientific journal. They are also typically between 60 and hundreds of pages which neither you nor I will read.”
The 6 sources must only be the 6 studies being used
Please reference the studies in APA format and attach them as PDFS if you can please.

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