Are health care disparities the cause of unhealthy eating in children and young adults?

Throughout this course, you have gathered scholarly articles related to the topic you selected in Module 1. It is likely that the research methods represented in the scholarly articles varies. Additionally, you have created research questions related to your topic. You also revised them based on feedback from your Instructor and colleagues, as well as your growing understanding of the topic.
The format of your research question will inform the research methodology you will use. If there is a particular research methodology required, you may need to revise the research question to align with it.
For this Assignment, you will identify the methodology you have selected for researching the topic of your research question. You will also revise your research question and explain why you made these revisions.
To prepare:
Review this Module’s Learning Resources.
Consider the research methodology you think best aligns with your research question.
Write a 2- to 3-page paper that includes the following:
Your Research Question from the Module 3 Assignment.
Identify the research methodology you have selected.
Explain why you selected this research methodology.
Provide a brief explanation for at least two other research methodologies and why you did not select them.
Revise your research question to align with the research methodology you selected. If you do not need to revise your research question, explain why not.
In the Literature review template that I sent:
The initial research question was : Healthy eating and the disparities that can hinder eating unhealthy.
The revised research quetion I changed to;
Are health care disparities the cause of unhealthy eating in children and young adults?
In the literature review matrix under Module 1, I have listed two articles that I would like you to refer to:
Friel, S., Pescud, M., Malbon, E., Lee, A., Carter, R., Greenfield, J., Cobcroft, M., Potter, J., Rychetnik, L., & Meertens, B. (2017). Using systems science to understand the determinants of inequities in healthy eating. PLoS ONE, 12(11), 1–18.
Taylor, J. P., Evers, S., & McKenna, M. (2005). Determinants of Healthy Eating in Children and Youth. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 96(S3), S20–S26.
You can choose a different methodology.

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