Is true justice served on Creon by the end of the play?

Writing Topic:
Write an essay presenting an argument defending the innocence or guilt of one of the characters in the play. Were the actions of this character just or unjust? moral or immoral? Why?
Possible specific topics?
 Was Antigone acting immorally or morally in defying Creon and then committing suicide?
 Was Creon acting immorally or morally for denying burial to Polyneices and condemning
Antigone to death?
 Is Ismene to be condemned or not for her actions?
 Is true justice served on Creon by the end of the play?
 Is true justice served on Antigone by the end of the play?
Essay Requirements:
Write a “critical essay” on one of the topics above (or a similar one you generate yourself). The essay should be 750-1250 words. As a “critical essay,” you must include adequate support to be convincing. In addition to quotes from the play Antigone, you are required to incorporate at least two quotes either from the passage from Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida and/or from MLK’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” There is a link to both of these below. The essay should be typed with 1′ margins and use MLA Format and DocumentationStyle. You should use no other outside sources for this
project. No research. No websites with analysis of the play. Also, you will be expected to define what you think “just” or “justice” or “moral” means in your introduction. You will use this definition as the criteria or basis for your argument about the character.
Essays seeking an “A” will also include a section devoted to addressing opposing views
(concession/refutation—point/counterpoint).Remember: Not meeting the minimum essay requirements results in a grade of no higher than a 70.
Assignment Notes:
Even though the assignment creates a fictional courtroom setting, please do not get caught up in verbal

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