identify and discuss 3 points made in the article

This assignment is a written assignment. There is a RUBRIC used to score you on this assignment. Please consult the RUBRIC, by clicking the Assignment title above this text box, where the rubric, assignment due date and points will show. If you never used a RUBRIC, discuss it with your fellow classmates, look it up on Google or as a last resort, send me an email.
Please read the article below, in its entirety.
You need to identify and discuss 3 points made in the article (at minimum, if you want to discuss more, you are allowed to do so) from the article that you learned something, or that struck you as the main points of the article. The last paragraph must be YOUR OPINION, after reading the article, how you feel about it. You can take a “pro” or “against” stance to the article topic, if you desire. But there are enough points brought up in the article so you can form an opinion how you feel about it.
The written assignment should not be numbered. You can use APA. If you do not it should follow these instructions. Should be in paragraphs. 1 1/2 spacing maximum. No run on sentences, no single block of text. Please use punctuation, commas, capitalization, etc. Spellcheck. We are in college so this is expected.
Turn the assignment in on a DOCX file extension document from Microsoft Word, Open office or Libre Office. No other submissions or extensions will be accepted. Upload it when done to this location using “Browse my Computer”. Check the “Safe Assign” box.
Use your own words. Please DO NOT COPY or PLAGIARIZE! It is a guaranteed 0. If you use someone else’s words, give them credit as we discussed in the 1st class! This was made clear in the syllabus and first day of class.

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