Explain how your song leans more toward a Platonian (Plato) or an Aristotelian (Aristotle) type of song.

Both Plato and Aristotle believed that music should be used in such ways to better oneself, whether it
is to build character and promote virtuous behavior (Plato) or by imitating human action for
pleasurable or practical ends (Aristotle).
Step One: Please start by watching BOTH videos: The Greatest Theater and Music and Creativity in
Ancient Greece
Step Two: Do some more research online on Aristotle and Plato’s ideas about music as briefly
discussed above.
Step Three: Find a song in which the lyrics portray either or both philosophers’ ideas
Step Four: Write a five-paragraph essay on the song you chose. Please make sure your essay is at least
700 words:
1. In the first paragraph:
Provide the musician’s name, title of song, and genre. Provide the URL to a video or website
containing the song with its lyrics.
2. In the second paragraph:
Explain how your song leans more toward a Platonian (Plato) or an Aristotelian (Aristotle) type of
3. In the third through the fifth paragraphs:
Quote specific lyrics from the song to explain how the song inspires one to transform one’s
character and behavior to become a better person. You must use part of the lyrics–a minimum of
three–to show how the song influences one to become a better person. Each quote must be
followed by a full paragraph of detailed explanation. Three quotes; three paragraphs.

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