In this 1000-1200 word scriipt, you will analyze the literary devices

In this 1000-1200 word scriipt, you will analyze the literary devices in an extract I’ve provided for Macbeth and artworks by Banksy. My global issue (theme) of the IO is how one’s desire for power inevitably cause corruption and depravity. For Macbeth, you may analyze the situational irony, metaphor, and rhetorical questions in the extract and examine how the author employed these literary devices to portray and condemn my global issue. For Banksy’s two artworks, you may analyze juxtaposition, text, and irony. Each literary device should be analysed through the extract I’ve given and please find another example of this literary device in the larger text. In the introduction, you may use my hook and show how this global issue is relevant in our contemporary society and state a thesis by the end of the paragraph. Lastly, describe why this global issue is so important and restate the thesis in the conclusion.
I’ve uploaded my extracts.
I’ve uploaded an example IO scriipt to show what it should look like.
I’ve uploaded my messy outline that you may work upon.

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