write a paper showing these two presidents’ many similarities, something less obvious.

Most students seem to let their guard down for Essay #3, a much more difficult paper, so pay attention.
Read the Course Schedule item on Essay #3.
Submit ONLY the introduction and topic sentences first–see dropbox due date.
Read this Essay #3 Assignment sheet carefully, the instructions in the Course Schedule and the textbook pages listed.
Moreover, read through the samples of the Intro & Topic Sentences as well as full samples of comparison-contrast essays in the dropbox. Ask for clarification.
After reading the Course Schedule and the items listed there to read, particularly the textbook pages and samples, whatever you compare and contrast, keep in mind the following the minimum requirements:
(a) You must have 5 points or categories of comparison minimum: so if you were Compare-Contrasting a book and a movie of the same story you might compare these five areas: characters, plot, ending, language, (particular) scenes.
(b) Don’t do the obvious topic; i.e., the big differences b/w Bush and Obama. Instead, write a paper showing these two presidents’ many similarities, something less obvious.
(c)  Whatever you do, you must have “so what?” value, meaning that any two things have some similarities and differences (Yeast and human beings share 90% of the same genome make-up!), so what? So why are you comparing them? If you, therefore, were comparing and contrasting two historical figures, you might say that their differences complimented one another well and built a strong relationship that lead a historical change in the way society operated (explaining precisely what that was)–that’s the so what. There has to be a point. So what? Notice in the conclusions of the sample essays how the writer explains why the comparison is valuable.  Without so-what value the paper usually cannot garner better than a C.
(d) Be sure to cover both comparison (similarities) and contrasts (differences) BUT BE SURE  you explain whether the two subjects have more similarities or more differences, while of course they have both–in the end which is more dominant? and explain the significance to the dominance?
Even still, avoid using the words similarities, differences/different and alike more than once or twice in the entire paper; focus on the areas/points/categories of comparisons as explained in the textbook and above.
(e) The five topic sentences should indicate the point/category of comparison; once the introduction and topic sentences are set, then the paper usually goes well.   Example Topic Sentence: The characters in the film are significantly more complex than in the book.  Read through the sample and other example docs –call for clarification
(f) Use ONLY the third-person POV: papers that use first or second will not score well.
(g) 700-1000 words.

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