What risk assessment standard would be the best approach for evaluating this system?

question 1 Compare the requirements for access control systems in the PCI DSS to those in the HIPAA Security Rule. Describe the level of detail found in each standard and how each standard might be easier and more challenging to meet compared with the other.
question 2 Conduct a risk analysis of this environment using the version of PCI DSS that you downloaded in Part 1 of this lab. Document at least five control gaps that exist in the environment. You may make assumptions about information not provided in this scenario, if necessary.
question 3 Identify controls that will mitigate each of the five deficiencies you identified in the previous step. Create a prioritized list of these actions.
question 4 What risk assessment standard would be the best approach for evaluating this system? Depending on the system, you may use one of the standards already discussed in this lab or identify an alternative standard more appropriate for your environment. Provide a brief descriiption of the system, identify the standard that you used and describe why it is appropriate for the system.
question 5 Conduct a risk assessment of the system against those standards to the best of your ability. If you are not familiar with the detailed workings of the systems, you may make assumptions to facilitate your risk assessment. Create a list of the gaps that exist between the system and the standard you used. (step 2)
question 6
Develop a prioritized list of risk mitigation activities which, if followed, would address the issues raised in your gap analysis from step 2.
This is for question 2 https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/

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