what is HR’s role and impact as a subject matter expert and credible business partner.

Prepare a paper that addresses the following themes:
Analyze the components of HR infrastructure that support global business initiatives; what is HR’s role and impact as a subject matter expert and credible business partner. (Possible topics include global HR guiding principles, HR practices, HR function roles, and organizational outcomes).
Your assignment should include 1,200 to 1,300 words, not including the cover and reference pages.
A References Page should be included with a minimum of three sources: the textbook and two outside sources.
This assignment must be submitted to “Turnitin.” The “Turnitin” tool will compare the content of your assignment to multiple internal and external sources to identify duplication and high levels of similarity. If the turnitin percentage is above 30%, this may indicate the following: no APA in-text citations to match up with sources, incorrect APA format, too many APA in-text citations, shear plagiarism which means, too much information taken from external sources and no information in your own words. The acceptable “Turnitin” result is 30% and below. If your “Turnitin” result is above the acceptable result, you will receive feedback that can be incorporated into the next written assignment.
APA Writing Style:
Students are required to follow the APA Writing Style for all written assignments. At a minimum, include the following:
Separate Cover Page
Separate Reference Page – the sources should be in alphabetical order by the last names of the authors.
Double spacing
Times New Roman, 12 Font Size
Respond to questions by including the questions and responding to the questions in essay format.
First sentence of each paragraph is indented by five spaces
Include headings and subheadings
The written assignment essentially addresses three areas: identification of pertinent issues that HR management must address, an analysis and evaluation of the literature supporting the issues, and a proposed course of action and set of recommendations to address the issues identified.
Problem Identification:
In this section, you provide a sharply focused diagnosis of the issues and key challenges related to the topic of human resources management. Begin each paper with a problem statement, an overview identifying the key issues that confront HR managers related to this topic.
Analysis and Evaluation:
Review the related challenges as identified in the text. Review outside resources, conduct internet searches, and review content in the on-line library data base, and Books 24/7.
Examine the primary factors underlying an organization’s strategic successes and failures and how HR can support, prevent or overcome the challenges.
Decide what resource and competencies a firm may need to overcome the challenge and make it strengths. In this section, you must offer analysis with evidence from the literature with references and supporting statement to present the information clearly, and use the language for HR strategic concepts and analytical tools that are discussed in the textbook.
The recommendations and plan of action should address all of the problems/issues you identified and analyzed. State how the recommendations will solve the problems you identified. Provide new and authentic recommendations, not a re-statement of material in the assignment.

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