What does the “Blue Vein Society” mean to Mr. Ryder in Chestnutt’s story?

You must write about the readings. Do not respond to more than one topic or question for each reading. Write two, two paragraph essays, and two three paragraph essays. You may use a dictionary and the texts of the works in Modules. You may not use any internet source. You may not use your notes.
1.What does Hawthorne’s story have to say about the influence of the Puritan culture, “public morality”, and strict rules of appearance and conduct, on the average person, such as Goodman Brown, who believes that everyone around him is religious and virtuous?
2. What significant changes have occurred in Rip Van Winkle’s village since he went up into the mountains with his dog?
3.What does the “Blue Vein Society” mean to Mr. Ryder in Chestnutt’s story?
4.Discuss the full meaning of two or three of Emerson’s epigrammatic style sentences in his essay “Self-Reliance”.

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