what do you think he would ridicule about the 21st century?

After reading Swift’s satire of 18th-century British life, what do you think he would ridicule about the 21st century? Choose a topic and write a satirical essay about the item.
Your satire paper should clearly address a specific social problem. In the introduction paragraph, explain the problem and include your thesis statement. The thesis statement should be an outrageous solution you have created to highlight the problem.
The body paragraphs will contain the reasons to support your solution, or the reasons your solution will work. You should have at least three body paragraphs.
Make sure you include one body paragraph explaining a counterclaimtext annotation indicator. In other words, why would someone object to your proposed solution? And what would you say to that person to show that your solution is the best one?
In your conclusion, reiterate the problem and your proposed solution. How did Jonathan Swift conclude his proposal to make people trust him? How might you use that same idea to draw your proposal to a reasonable conclusion?
Incorporate hyperboletext annotation indicatortext annotation indicator to show the serious nature of the problem and that your ridiculous solution is really the only one that makes sense.
Consider irony text annotation indicatortext annotation indicator when creating a solution to your problem. If your problem is obesity, what solution is the last thing people would expect?
Keep your paper school appropriate. Swift was pretty blunt and didn’t hold back, but he also didn’t describe things in gruesome detail. Make sure you don’t either.

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